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4 Steps in Garage Door Repair

11/04/2013 Back To Blog

The door to your garage is composed of two main parts. These are the garage door opener and the main door itself. Here are the steps that need to be taken in order to repair the door:

Fixing the Door of Your Garage

Whether they swing in one piece or roll up in sections, the overhead garage door operates on spring tension. Heavy springs supply the power as the door moves on the metal tracks on the garage walls. In most cases, the repairs are fairly simple when the door does not work easily. Here are four steps to repair your door:

1) When you plan to repair your garage, you have to look for the problems first. To do it, you need to inspect the garage door from the inside with the door closed. Then, you have to scrutinize the tracks for crimps, dents, or flat spots. If you discover certain damaged spots, press them with a rubber mallet, or with block of scrap wood or a hammer. When the garage door tracks are severely damaged, they need to be replaced with a new one.

2) Make sure to check whether the tracks are properly aligned. The tracks should be at the same level on the walls. Loosen but never remove the bolts or screws which hold the mounting garage door brackets when the tracks are not properly aligned. Make sure you tap the tracks into position carefully. Double check and then tighten all the screws at the mounting brackets.

3) Using a concentrated household cleaner, clean the tracks and the garage door rollers to remove dirt as well as hardened grease. Then, wipe both dry.

4) Tighten as needed after checking for loose hardware. Most garage door repair companies in Morton Grove will suggest that when the screw hole has become large, you have to replace it with a longer one with the same diameter and then use hollow fiber plug, which is dipped in carpenter’s glue, together with the new screw.

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