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What regular maintenance should I perform on my garage door?

Garage Door Repair Morton Grove suggests that all homeowners have a maintenance routine for their garage door system. You should lubricate moving parts every few months, tighten any bolts or screws which may have loosened over time and clean any dirt from the surface of the door to reduce the risk of rust developing. At least once a year, inspect all the components for signs of damage or wear especially rollers, cables and springs.

Why should I choose a steel door over wooden one?

Choosing a door can be down to personal preference but metal doors to have some additional benefits. They usually require less regular maintenance as they are supplied with a baked on and pre-painted coating. This usually means that they will only require basic cleaning with warm soapy water a couple of times a year. Garage Door Repair Morton Grove advises that wooden doors will usually require treatment every year or so to prevent rot or damage.

What are the factors for consideration when buying a garage door?

There are many factors to consider when buying a garage door. It is an important investment that you must think about carefully, especially when it comes to safety, security, style, appearance, and comfort. Find a suitable unit for your needs.

What is a garage door threshold seal?

This seal is installed on the garage floor right under the door. It is typically made from vinyl. Its job is to protect the garage door panels from water and dirt and the damage which they can cause. Still, if it does not have perfect contact with the door, it will not offer perfect protection.

Why is my garage door opening, but not closing?

Keep the wall button pressed, and if the door closes it means the safety sensors are not working properly. If the door doesn’t close, the defect may range from problems with RPM sensors to the clutch mechanism. Getting assistance from experts is the best way to deal with it.

Why wood doors need maintenance more often?

Wood is a very sensitive material. It's natural and, thus, affected by elements. Eventually, it will warp especially at the edges. If it's not taken care of regularly, it might also rot. Every wooden garage door in Morton Grove needs frequent treatment and occasionally painting and application of varnishes which will make it more resistant.

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