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Try this comprehensive list of tips for garage door repair. You will never go wrong here.

Take precautions with your garage door opener

Before you head out on that vacation, Garage Door Repair Morton Grove pros advise homeowners to either activate the lock console security switch or unplug the door opener unit completely. This way no one can use the door open remote. It's best not to leave the remote in the car as burglars may try to steal the remote and gain entry to your home. This usually happens in cases where the door opener is programmed to your car.

Noisy garage door

Using the right lubricant is the key to tackle a noisy garage door. It's best to lubricate the door using a Lithium or silicone spray. Spray evenly on parts like the metal rollers, hinges, top of the chain rail and ball bearings. There are certain parts like the door tracks, springs, bottom of the chain rail and the chain itself that do not require lubrication.

Managing glass during garage door repair

Make sure that you change the glass when it is broken. There are some really good options out there on the market. Remember that a crack is soon going to turn into a mighty pain. Do not ignore it in the hope that it will eventually go away because it will not. The earlier you get this problem sorted out the better. It also means that your family is safe.

How to clean your garage door track

Our experts at Garage Door Repair Morton Grove warn against lubricating your garage door track, as it can cause dirt to harden and compromise the door’s ability to function. Instead, you should clean the track by wiping it with a damp cloth, then again with a dry cloth.

Avoid getting galvanized torsion springs

Galvanized garage door torsion springs look beautiful and are resistant to elements but they are not as durable as oil tempered torsion springs, which are heated in high temperatures and manufactured to last longer and withstand everyday use. Plus galvanized springs will cost you more.

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