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Amarr Wood Garage Doors

Wooden garage door in Mortoײ GroveWood is a timeless material. When installed in your home, wooden garage doors can transform the look of the house depending on the door design of your choosing. Wooden doors are one of the most common types of garage doors, next to steel. Many homeowners choose wood garage doors due to their durability and beauty. Since, wood is a natural material – not synthetic – it needs more care than with non-natural materials such as steel.

It Is Important to Keep Your Wooden Doors Properly Maintained

Amarr offers wood garage door care and maintenance tips for those who own one, to ensure their doors last their lifetime. Periodically check other parts such as the springs, hinges, and rollers to see if they are working properly and without difficulty. If you notice any difference in its previously smooth operation, all it needs is a little oiling. WD40 should be enough. The tracks should always be aligned with the rollers, so any deviation from the alignment must be fixed at once. The door may not function properly if the tracks are not properly in line with the other components.

Changes in weather can wear the surface of the wood, so if you see the door’s paint is fading or chipping from the cold or heat, it is time to have it repainted to restore its original look. Customers can change the paint color if you fancy. If you are not too handy with this task, ask a professional to do the job for you. However, if customers try engaging in a DIY paint job, know the appropriate type of paint suitable for the type of wood so it doesn’t get damaged.

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